PURE-MSK N95 Face Mask (5 Pack)


PURE-MSK N95 Face Mask (5 Pack)


  • GRADE: Medical grade mask
  • MATERIALSoft mesh for excellent breathability and extra comfort.
  • SIZE:Elastic straps for different face shapes and sizes.
  • HANDLING TIME: Ship within 48 hours.
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The N95 Face Mask is comfortable while you breathe. Blocks 95% of bacteria, viruses, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen and smoke.

Whether you are traveling, or simply trying to protect yourself or your family from a common cold, a protective mask is an ideal preventative measure. It’s widely known that wearing a protective mask is a smart choice against contracting airborne bacteria. It’s easy to wear as the stretch cords wrap around your ears – prevents pollutants and other contaminants from entering. 
The robust construction include a nano particle blocking carbon filter,  it is lightweight, so you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

This respirator provides a minimum 95% efficiency against non-oil particulate aerosols.  This typically includes metal fumes from welding, as well as dust and non-oil mists.  Replace the Respirator when breathing becomes uncomfortable or you can smell or taste contaminant or you experience nose or throat irritation.

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  1. Hold the respirator by cupping it in the hand with the narrow end away from you and the headbands hanging freely outside the hand.
  2. Hold the top head strap in the other hand and bring the respirator to the face, placing the chin in the large, rounded end of the respirator.  Tilt the respirator until the narrow end touches the bridge of the nose.  Position the respirator until the respirator makes comfortable contact at all points of the face.
  3. Press the respirator against the face, then pull the top headband over the head and position so it fits securely at the top of the crown of the head.  Pull the bottom headband over the head and down past the ears until it rests on the neck.
  4. Gently move the respirator on the face until the face seal touches comfortably on the face all along its length.  If glasses are to be worn, the face piece should be low enough on the face not to interfere with the spectacle frame.
  5. If the headbands are too long, they may be shortened.  Remove the respirator from the face and hold it by one of the side flanges with the cu[ part upwards, and the headband laying over the top of the respirator.  Grasp the free end of the headband and pull it slowly away from the flange.  This free end will stretch before the headband begins to slip slowly under the staple.  The headband should be shortened about one inch at a time, and the respirator refitted by following Steps 1 through 4 above.
  6. Before entering a hazardous atmosphere, conduct OSHA compliant fit testing as party of your total respiratory program; use Degil Safety Bitrex Fit Testing Kit, P/N 79260


1. This respirator must NOT be used by people with beards or other facial hair which interferes with the face-to-respirator seal.
2. Do not use in areas where the type of concentration of contaminant is unknown.
3. Do not use in atmospheres containing isocyanates, diisocyantes, fumigants, or asbestos containing dusts and mists.
4. Not for use in abrasive blasting applications.
5. It is the responsibility of the user to assure safe and proper use of this respirator.
6. Leave the area immediately and return to fresh air if breathing becomes difficult, dizziness or other distress occurs, or you can smell or taste the contaminant.
7. Although this respirator reduces the exposure to certain contaminants, it DOES NOT completely eliminate your exposure or risk.  Misuse of this product or failure to follow the above warnings may result in sickness.  For proper use, consult a qualified safety professional or the manufacturer.

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